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From future-proof modular solutions to innovative new formats, we deliver high quality LED Indoor solutions at an affordable price.

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Even in an industrial environment. Because it has always been crucial to untie production from natural light. As a substantial slice of the operation costs paid for electricity.

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LED Outdoor solutions deliver a light closer to natural daylight than the traditional lamps of the past. The latest LED lighting solutions provide an ideal upgrade path for public bodies looking to reduce energy costs and environmental impact. LED can make striking aesthetic improvements to landscapes and cityscapes.

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Traditional lamps

We offer a comprehensive range of light sources from traditional technologies such as HID, LFL, CFL, Halogen and Specialty lamps, for indoor and outdoor solutions.

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Wide selection of automotive lamps  available - offering full ranges operating on either 12V or 24V systems. Our lamps -  with GE and Tungsram brand - are on the Approval Lists of many of the car manufacturers world-wide where quality and performance are key measurements. 



Tungsram opened its R&D vertical farm

An R&D purpose vertical farm unique in Central Europe was presented in the Újpest headquarters of Tungsram.

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Tungsram Wins Major Tunnel Lighting Project in Spain

The Budapest-based company closes successful year in the Mediterranean country

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Tungsram UV-C Sanitizer

Keeping customers and staff COVID-safe with a proven technology

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Tungsram offers seminars at CPD e-learning platform

Tungsram UK’s seminars about “IoT, Sensors and the Digital Ceiling” and “Smart Cities” are listed at CPD e-learning platform

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New businesses, 2019 results at Tungsram

New businesses, 2019 results at Tungsram – an interview with Gábor Boncz

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Tungsram donates face shields and lighting products to Beirut

Tungsram is donating protective face shields and lighting products to Beirut, Lebanon helping rebuilding the city after the devastating explosion in the port of the city in August.

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