The finest hour of Tungsram

On June 18, 1940 Winston Churchill called on the people of the Commonwealth to stand their ground against the Third Reich with these words: If the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, “This was their finest hour.”

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Foundation of the Chair for Nuclear Physics at the Royal Joseph University of Technology and Economics

Disruptive technologies are transforming our life profoundly at an accelerated pace. They have changed the competitive position of enterprises, too.

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On New Ways: Lipót (Leopold) Aschner, CEO of Tungsram 1921-1944

Lipót (Leopold) Aschner was born on January 27, 1872, as the first son in a Jewish family with nine children, in Nové Sady (Assakürt), the northern part of Hungary (today Slovakia). After only eight years in school, Aschner had to start his adult life and support his family.

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