We wish you all Merry Christmas and a great time with your family and friends with this lovely old Tungsram Christmas Card featuring the krypton lamp! For your leisure time at home, we present you two fountains of Tungsram history.

Tungsram történetek (=Tungsram stories) is a website launched in October 2018 by Ferenc Baracskai, Tungsram’s former finance director who continued to work at the company in various positions after it was taken over by General Electric. The site features narratives about Tungsram’s activities on foreign markets, impressions of and adjustment to local culture, difficulties posed by the then systems of information security and company management during the Socialist era, and many more analytical, funny or moving stories narrated by former Tungsram management members.

Even though they all carry an individual point of view, the approximately 160 stories paint a broad picture of the struggles and successes of a large Hungarian company operating in a bipolar world and in the transition period following 1989. The stories are published in Hungarian every Sunday. We will regularly announce when new stories are posted on our website. The last two narratives talk about learning foreign languages at Tungsram and the Soviet custom of raising one too many glasses of vodka during toasts at festive dinners. See the links here:



Tungsram joined museal institutions presenting their collections at Museumdigitar. We open our growing collection with a sample of the journals published by former Tungsram factories. We hope you will find many interesting stories of struggles and achievements and even recognize yourselves and your contributions to the latter. All journals were published in Hungarian. The catalogue is in Hungarian and English. Each issue is uploaded in Pdf-format in order to make searching for names, places and events easier. It is worth looking for Tungsram-related items in other museums’ collections on the main website of Museumdigitar and for our Tungsram collection specifically using the links:



Enjoy browsing these mementos of the past!

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