TLBt & TMBt are specially designed for tunnel lighting and available in a wide range, for low and high speed tunnels, underpasses and other applications. Maintenance in a tunnel can cause a headache for the operators and for the users as well. Tungsram Lightings’ engineers therefore put major focus on developing a  highly durable and reliable product with a long lifetime. The products provide easy and fast installation and maintenance to save time and cost. Safety is another important aspect in which lighting plays a key role. Our tunnel lighting solution can improve visibility for drivers with better light quality, and as a result, they can react faster to emergencies and other situations in tunnels.


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Rated luminous flux: from 4250 to 22840 lm
Rated luminaire efficacy: up to 143 lm/W
Rated median useful life and the associated rated LM factor L80B50: > 181.000 hours

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