Torofi and Torofi Recessed

The unique interior design of various office spaces and commercial units poses a major challenge to lighting designers and interior architects. The simple and flexible mounting of our modern and aesthetic Torofi product range is completely customizable to deliver the right light to any corner of your office, restaurants, cultural facilities or public buildings.

Fixtures in the Torofi family have the same superior features and the same look and feel, so a beautiful lighting design can be composed from the different elements.


Torofi has and aesthetic and minimalist design. Through rectangular form and non-visible screws, highly attractive interior designs can be achieved. Extruded aluminium frames in black or white colours give the luminaire a premium modern appearance.


Indirect output reflected from the ceiling provide a softer and ambient illumination. The unique design of the optics reduces the glare dramatically. Combined with high colour rendering, it provides perfect viewing conditions and offers a pleasant atmosphere. Exceeding the workplace light regulations, that makes it an ideal choice of linear lighting for the office and hospitality areas.

Seamless connection

Through seamless, continuous connection creative and innovative lighting systems can be built easily from any elements of this product family.
Different connectors are perfectly fitted together which allows for a free assembly.


Various installation modes - suspended, track rail and surface mount - with matching accessories is another benefit of Torofi fixtures.

Torofi is ideal for commercial or office lighting due to its high visual comfort and flexible mounting options.

 Main features and benefits
of Torofi:

    • Length – 1167mm and 2330mm
    • Driver options – Static, DALI
    • 3 installation mode – Surface mount, Pendant, Track
    • CRI – 80+
    • CCT – 3000K, 4000K
    • 100% direct or 70% direct with 30% indirect light output
    • Reflector - Standard Specular
    • Black or white housing
    • IP20, IK08
    • Seamless continuous connection
    • Low UGR from 16 to 19
    • Up to 128lm/W system efficacy
    • Visual comfort
    • High quality Samsung chips
    • Long life: 65.000 hours L70B50 and 50.000 hours L80B10

Light distribution: Medium beam symmetrical - 85°x85° or asymmetrical - 30°x70°


Main features and benefits
of Torofi Recessed:

    • Length – 511mm and 1177mm
    • Driver options – Static, DALI
    • Recessed Installation
    • CRI – 80+
    • CCT – 3000K, 4000K
    • Reflector - Standard specular or opal, prismatic diffuser
    • IP20, IK03
    • Seamless continuous connection
    • Low UGR
    • Up to 127lm/W system efficacy
    • Visual comfort
    • High quality Samsung chips
    • Long life: 75.000 @ L80B20
    • Helvar driver

Light distribution: Medium beam - 1100  or 85°x85°


Mounting options:

Surface mounted
Track mounted

Torofi Accessories:

• Torofi I connector
• Torofi L connector Black/White
• Torofi T connector Black/White
• Torofi X Connector Black/White
• Torofi Pendant Canopy kit Black/White
• Torofi Pendant kit
• Torofi Continuous kit Static
• Torofi Continuous kit DALI
• Torofi Surface mount kit
• Torofi Track kit Black
• Torofi Endcap Black/White


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