LED Plug-in & 2D Ballast Compatibility


LED Plug-in & 2D

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The 12.5W LED 2D 4Pin ECG lamp range and 12.5W LED Plug-In 4Pin lamp range have been developed to directly retrofit the relevant CFL 4Pin lamps operated on electronic ballast. The design was made as universal as possible to be able to operate on most branded electronic CFL ballasts used in 28W 2D and 26/32W CFL Plug-In Fixtures in EMEA. However there can be differences in the electronic ballast designs, so GE performed compatibility tests to ensure compatibility. You can find below the tested ballast models and their status from compatibility standpoint. This list will expand as GE will perform further test. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This list is based in part on information provided by the ballast supplier, and testing was done on a stable power supply under laboratory, which may not be representative of your particular end-use conditions. While each ballast type listed has undergone testing, some have undergone revisions that may change operating parameters and impact lamp performance. Applications and conditions of use are many and varied and beyond GE's control, so purchasers and users should make their own determinations as to the suitability of a lamp-ballast combination for their own particular application and use. Compatibility may also extend to ballasts beyond this list, so performing an on-site test before installation is recommended.





Ballast Compatibility List for 12.5W LED 2D4P ECG range








Ballast Compatibility List for 12.5W G24q-3 LED 4 Pin Plug-In lamp









Ballast Compatibility List for LED 7.5 W 4 Pin Plug-In Gen2 lamp