Dimmer compatibility for 220-240V LED lamps

From the standard bulb shape to dichroics, Tungsram's retrofit LED lamps are available in a wide variety of shapes, wattages and colours. Our ranges are available in warm white to cool white colour temperatures, with multiple cap types and most are dimmable for perfect tuning of the ambience in each setting. 

With their reduced spill light and high application efficacy, Tungsram Lighting's directional LED products can give you the perfect solution, if you want to enjoy all the benefits of switching to LED lighting. 

Tungsram Lighting's energy- and cost-efficient non-directional LED products also provide a multi-directional light output. Just like a traditional light bulb – but with an 80% energy saving. They are the perfect choice for lighting your hotel or restaurant – just as well as your own home. 


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Transformer compatibility for Non-dimming 12V LED lamps

Tungsram R111 LED lamps present a great opportunity for substantial energy savings with replacements for 50W and 75W halogen consuming only 7W and 12W power. Further, relevant reduction of maintenance costs are possible with long lifetime. 

Tungsram Lighting's EnergySmart™ MR16 dimmable LED lamps provide fantastic energy saving versus halogen offering multiple beam angles and two colour temperatures to suit most professional lighting needs. 


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Transformer & Dimmer Combinations for Dimmable 12V LED Lamps

The 7W MR16 range has been developed to replace 35W & 50W equivalent MR16 halogen lamps and offers a high level of technical performance in the form of a halogen shaped LED lamp. Simple to change, it offers an outstanding lumen package that ensures a relatively short payback period.


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