ALIx LED outdoor luminaire delivers outstanding features, style and attractive form factor. This latest design offers excellent efficacy even at higher lumen outputs to meet a wide range of area lighting needs.  Using reflective optic technology, the luminaire offers superior horizontal and vertical illuminance with high  uniformity, while minimizing glare. This system delivers unusually low perceived glare when viewed from beneath. ALIx provides reduced energy consumption, combined with a long rated life that virtually eliminates ongoing maintenance expenses, enabling significant operating cost benefits over the life of the fixture.


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Rated luminous flux range: from 3600 to 17600 lm at 5000K
Rated luminaire efficacy: Up to 141lm/W at 5000K.
Photometric code: 730/559, 740/559, 750/559
Rated median useful life and the associated rated LM factor L80B50 > 131000 hours

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