Tungsram’s 2019 CSR (corporate social responsibility) Report was published recently introducing the award-winning projects of the second year of the company. The focus of the publication is sustainability which is not only a theme for the various programs and actions but also represented in the whole supply chain.

The publication defines the main corner stones of Tungsram’s mission: the strategy of technology-driven smart cities shaping the future of urban living; our solutions for food security which is a key question of sustainable development; the smart-based future of lighting technology; the efforts made in circular economy and waste management; environmental, health and safety sustainability, the code of ethics and the programs serving the physical and mental wellbeing of our colleagues.


 ’2019 proved that our ideas about corporate social responsibility are met with public appreciation, since we won major awards in Hungary. In these extraordinary times we keep working on the sustainable future’ – President & CEO of Tungsram Joerg Bauer writes in the welcome letter of the report. With its Future Talents program helping students acquire the Business English language exam while introducing corporate life to them, Tungsram won the Genius Loci award. The company also won two categories of the Hungarian Business Responsbility award of CSR Hungary for its volunteering and FitTungsram programs.

In the welcome letter the President & CEO also mentions the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 that made the protection of human wellbeing more important than ever.

„In these trying times it is crucial to introduce, for example, our FitTungsram program which provides free medical screenings, possibilities for exercise and lectures on mental health” –  CSR Manager of Tungsram Zsuzsanna Thierry adds.


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