In Tungsram’s vision, disconnecting from GE in 2018, smart cities stand in the focus, with the company establishing smart technologies, built on the infrastructure of lighting, in a sustainable way. In their interpretation, sustainability encompasses economic, environmental, and social factors alike.

Our smart city vision is based on five pillars:

  1. According to our concept, the cities of the future, in all their functions, will serve their inhabitants’ economic and cultural wellbeing.
  2. For this, they utilize an up-to-date, innovative system of technological instruments that precedes any imaginable requirements.
  3. They complete, integrate, develop and expand their palette of equipment and services.
  4. In the course of establishing these, they observe sustainability aspects to the highest possible degree, at the same time endeavoring to reduce social vulnerability.
  5. By means of the information that the company gained from the data collected via their technology and processed by means of information technological instruments, they involve people in the decision procedures.

In order to implement such a comprehensive concept, widespread and continuous innovation – something that has been present in Tungsram’s life as a tradition since the company was founded – is indispensable. Besides continuously developing our lighting technology, our present and the envisioned future demands innovation in the fields of data industry, mobile communication, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT), as well. “Adapting to the demands of our time, we are steadily transitioning from an industrial manufacturing company into a determining world market entity of informatics and industry,” highlighted Ferenc Pongrácz, GM of Innovation.


In Tungsram’s practice, besides a technological approach, innovation is markedly present in observing the human perspective, as well. Since the users and beneficiaries of our products and services are human beings, the question of who will use a given solution for what purpose is an important aspect during the innovation design processes.

On the one hand, Tungsram completes a part of its innovation activities connected to its existing and future products via targeting fields such as energy efficiency, sustainable technology, food provisioning, the human-made surroundings around us or the health industry. On the other hand, as a global participant with Hungarian roots, the company deems it to be their task to support national and international small and medium-sized entrepreneurships, as well as startups with a substantial innovation potential in entering the innovations serving the above purposes into the world market.

Ferenc Pongrácz, GM of Innovation:

A large number of our own business divisions, as well as cooperations with small and medium-sized entrepreneurships, successfully debuted in 2019: Smart Solutions, Agritech, Infratrainer, SBrick, Innovation Marketplace, the latter created for supporting startup innovations, as well as the ArchiFM software, which supports the building maintenance of the leading participants of different sectors, such as MOL, Művészetek Palotája (Palace of Arts), or Puskás Aréna, Hungary’s largest public building.”

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