Tungsram donates 2000 self-manufactured face shields worth 5,000,000 HUF to the paramedics of the Hungarian National Ambulance Service (OMSZ).

The two organizations cooperate in the field of joint solutions of sanitization and the development of data-driven, smart technologies.

On the 11th of May President & CEO of Tungsram Jörg Bauer handed over the protective equipment to OMSZ Director dr. Gábor Csató in the courtyard of the Ambulance Palace (Mentőpalota) in Budapest where the spokesman of the ambulance service Pál Győrfi welcomed the participants.

The equipment is manufactured by Tungsram based on the plans – that were designed as early as the time the virus appeared in Hungary – and license of the Hungarian Innomotion Kft. The final manufacturing process is however the result of a collaboration thus the outcome is a new, innovative Hungarian product. The face shield is a part of the paramedic’s equipment, it provides extra protection for the face while handling and transporting patients. In the same time the ambulance service is also testing the new product and giving a report on their experiences in order to further improve the shield. Paramedic Áron Székely demonstrated to the press how to wear the face shield.

Tungsram and the Hungarian National Ambulance Service are preparing a cooperation agreement in the field of the development of joint solutions focusing on emergency vehicles. The first field of cooperation is sanitization based on the technology of UV-C radiation (one frequency of ultraviolet light) and in the future the organizations plan to test data-driven smart solutions as well.

 “I am more than happy to be able to thank in person the tireless work of the ambulance service and each healthcare worker during this pandemic”, said Jörg Bauer on the press conference organised for the donation. “The OMSZ has been a true Hungarian peculiarity for 72 years, it is rare to see such a united, modern and innovative ambulance service in other countries. With Tungsram’s 120 years of experience gained in innovative manufacturing we can now contribute to the development and manufacturing of certain medical devices necessary to fight the pandemic. At Tungsram we believe that the field of hygiene – in the broadest sense – can be a strong pillar for the economic recovery of Hungary – regarding both export and the national market. After all, Hungary is the country that gave the world Ignác Semmelweis who invented sanitization!”

The OMSZ is celebrating its 72. birthday while Hungarian lifesaving its 133. anniversary, said dr. Gábor Csató who thanked the contribution of Tungsram. “The ambulance service is an innovative organization, we equipped the emergency vehicles with digital devices, tablets to provide state of the art care. According to plans the UVC lamps developed by Tungsram will help the sanitization of our vehicles as the ultraviolet rays emitted by the device are capable to destroy and neutralize the viruses and bacteria on the illuminated surfaces thus creating a safe environment.” He also added that this technology would be used in the ambulance between two patients. In line with the cooperation ten ambulances will be equipped with the UVC lamp as a pilot scheme.

Dr. Gábor Csató emphasized that he is proud of his fellow 8500 colleagues of the ambulance service for their excellent professional work in the time of the coronavirus pandemic.

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