Tungsram’s CSR programs launched in 2018 have reached completion during the last two years, and in 2019, they yielded their first fruits both in terms of influencing the society and garnering outside recognition.

Independent Hungarian organizations deemed our Future Talents, Fittungsram and Volunteering programs worthy of granting them awards based on objective assessment.

Genius Loci

Sándor Gyulai, the principal of Bocskai István Secondary Grammar School of Hajdúböszörmény, a school participating in our talent management program Future Talents, nominated the program for the “Genius Loci – Companies and Entrepreneurs for Talent” award, founded by The Association of Hungarian Talent Promoting Organizations, which celebrated its fifth anniversary in April 2019. Tungsram’s Future Talents was the only National Category winner to garner recognition. 1400 talent centers within the Talent Network from all over the Carpathian Basin had the opportunity to nominate companies that support talent management under the aegis of social responsibility, thus establishing a competitive knowledge of talented youth. The “Genius Loci” award aims at the efforts of business companies and entrepreneurship’s operating in Hungary and the Hungarian-populated areas, on behalf of supporting talents in the Carpathian Basin, so they can to be recognized, awarded, and their good practice to be passed on as having an exemplary value.

CSR Hungary

In 2019, we won the CSR Hungary Award for Business Responsibility in two categories. CSR Hungary, founded in 2004, is an organisation focusing on the companies’ social responsibility; in 2007, the organisation established an award in Hungary, highlighting CSR’s quality indicators.

As a result of a triple-level evaluation process, Tungsram received the Excellent qualification in the category “Common/Shared Issues – Common/Shared Responsibility” for the training program Future Talents, and in the category “CSR’s soul – inner CSR solutions” for the volunteering programs and the Fittungsram employees’ health program. The award was bestowed on us in December from CSR Hungary Gala’s main patron, László Palkovics, Minister for Innovation and Technology. The winning companies can use this certification for two years as a hallmark for their responsible operation. With this, Tungsram’s name can rise further in the field of social responsibility among a strong national and international pack of competitors, in the company of well-regarded Hungarian and global brands.

Ferenc Hizó, Deputy State Secretary for Sustainable Development also participated in the award ceremony. The secretary stated, “It is a huge merit if an entrepreneurship recongizes that economic interest enforcement efforts are not in contrast with sustainable development and growth, not excluding but rather complementing one another”.

Joerg Bauer, Tungsram’s president and CEO’s statement:

“Congratulations to Zsuzsanna Thierry, CSR manager, for coordinating our CSR activity with such great commitment; a special thank you goes to the volunteers who regularly help our communities. We are proud to get the chance to work together in order to bring about a little change every day.”

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