The Customer

Tennis de Flaujac is located in Flaujac-Poujols south France.


Flaujac Tennis court is highly attended by tennis players (tennis clubs & tennis lovers), with 8 050m high and 36mx18m dimensions.  Therefore, it was important to provide the best lighting conditions to the players, so they can focus on their game, in comfortable conditions, especially for people who play often, several times during the week.

Right after this priority, the second aim was to reduce energy consumption, save energy and make of Flaujac Tennis Court a modern and responsible sport structure by installing less luminaires, consume less energy but with more qualitative light.

In addition to that, luminaire resistance had to be taken into consideration, due to possible tennis ball shocks during training and games.

They entrusted this mission to Lampe Service Eclairage company base in Toulouse, largely experienced in the lighting design and in lighting projects, with also a great knowledge of GE Lighting/ Tungsram portfolio.


Very quickly after needs identification in collaboration with Lampe Service Eclairage, the ideal solution has been clear: GE AHIX. Indeed, this luminaire is highly recommended for Sport facilities (industrial & maintenance, logistical areas and car parks among others), due to its reflective optic technology, and to its optical flexibility and reliability capacities.

In this project, GE AHIX selection main characteristics are 31570 lumens for 250W consumption which means 126lm/Watt, Class 1 for 66 IP Rating for 14kg weight. A 4000K temperature for a 70CRI, a dimmability capacity and an IK08 for shock resistance, adapted to the project conditions.

With an L80 > 110 000h, AHIX classified as A++ in Energy Efficiency Class ensure a long-term capacity in these challenging conditions.

The chosen solution was AHIX with Extra Wide Flood (AEF) for an optimal lighting in such conditions.

Results and benefits

GE AHIX permitted to reduce the quantity of luminaires to install thanks to high lumens capacity and to its Extra Wide Flood optic. 16 luminaires were enough to light the tennis court in the best conditions.

The conditions for the players have been upgraded to easy, comfortable and modern ones, bringing reliability and safety to the players.

It helped to reduce energy consumption with a large gap from approximately 400W to 250W, and to modernize the tennis court style with this versatile GE LED luminaire.

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