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Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport is Hungary’s largest and busiest international airport. It is one of the most important strategic facilities, and a stable player in the domestic economy. According to the data, in 2019 more than 16 million passengers crossed here annually. As a major employer, Budapest Airport contributes directly to the livelihoods of 1,000 families and indirectly (through its 220 partner companies) to an additional 50,000 households.

The aim of the airport operators is to create the safest, highest quality and most sustainable conditions for both travelers and employees, therefore, the area is constantly being developed. 


Budapest Airport established a long-term cooperation with TUNGSRAM Group on this project, where the electrical construction of Tungsram indoor and outdoor luminaires was implemented at several major locations at the airport. The primarily selected areas for lighting modernization and supplementation became important both from the passenger and the employee side.  One of the primary aspects of the investment was the standardization of lighting in the affected areas and validation of the airport’s sustainability efforts. The customer’s expectation was the standardization in terms of both the intensity and uniformity of the lighting, Energy savings that can be achieved with the investment were also considered during the selection process. This is extremely important from the point of view of the workers, as it can improve their well-being, and a safer environment is essential for more accurate work. In addition, the energy savings will help the airport achieve its sustainability goals. Beyond practicality, comfort and safety, it was very important to create modern, up-to-date and aesthetically lit spaces.


A total of 500 new Tungsram LED luminaires were installed at the airport.

  • We chose 20 TU HighBay Gen1 in the T2B departure hall as the look and feel of our product was similar to the previously used ‘hall light’ lamp, however thanks to LED technology its consumption is only a fraction of  what it used to be.
  • In building no.63. which operates as a clothing warehouse, the 85 TU LED Panels fit well, providing adequate lighting between the shelves.
  • In Skycourt passenger's safety area Tungsram Torofi luminaires have been installed on both A and B sides. 158 pieces have been installed on side A and 184 pieces have been installed on side B. Our choice was clear as the new luminaires had to fit into the existing ceiling system of the passenger safety area. The Torofi luminaire is the best solution to fit this task, creating even lighting areas with compliance to the relevant standardization requirements. Low glare value (UGR<19) was achieved by the unique prism closure.
  • The D port parking area is now lit by 28 SLBt outdoor luminaires. For an appropriate standard lighting image, these products provided the best light distribution.

In building no.45. we installed luminaries with low power, compact size and high illumination value. We installed a total of 20 PIKO outdoor luminaires at this location. With the help of wall-washing lamps, the façade was also adequately lit.


Airport passengers can now spend their time in a much more pleasantly lit location according to the latest standards recommendations, making tiring trips more comfortable. From the employee's perspective, they can now also spend their working time in an environment which greatly facilitates and makes work more pleasant.

In the surroundings of building no.45. there was limited outdoor lighting, although not only there is a service route next to it, but also a pedestrian traffic in front of it. With the modernization we provided safer traffic and in order to achieve an aesthetic effect, we also installed façade lighting on the renovated building.

In the employee parking lot of the D port, not only luminaires were installed, but the  entire cable network, electrical equipment and candelabra have also been replaced, so a complete refurbishment was carried out, providing safe and high-quality lighting for many years, and low maintenance public parking for Budapest Airport Ltd.

In addition, we managed to reduce energy consumption by more than 70% on average, which makes it clear that we have provided more sustainable and cost-effective lighting system for our partner.

We are proud that with our reliable products and services, we have been able to contribute to the comfort, and safety of Hungary’s largest international airport and it’s sustainability efforts.



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