Growing population, increasing traffic and CO2 emission and high energy costs are heavily burdening cities’ infrastructure and budget.  Smart city concepts, based on public lighting, can offer solutions for these challenges.  Not only metropolitans but small cities can be transformed into smart cities.

Jarmina is a small village with a population of 2458 in the Vukovar-Syrmia County in Croatia.  Most households in the area are engaged in agriculture as a main or ancillary activity.

Located at the entrance to Krka National Park, 15 km from Šibenik, Skradin is a romantic Mediterranean town with narrow cobbled streets, passages, arches and stairs.  Its history dates back two thousand years, accounting for the notable archaeological sites in the local vicinity.  The entire town of Skradin is a protected cultural heritage site. 

Skradin and Jarmina decided to save energy costs via quality lighting. 

The challenge

During the last 20 years public lighting projects were executed in different phases, by various suppliers, with different types of traditional lamps and fixtures.

This resulted in disproportionally distributed lighting fixtures and poles, nonstandard lighting (even color temperature was different), lack of visual conformity: dark spots across downtown and on roads, negative impact on the city from citizens well-being and also tourism perspectives.

The project included

After several discussions with municipalities Tungsram professionals had a better understanding about the challenges, that cities were facing in those days. Align with the local needs and requirements our project team set up cost and paybacks scenarios. Then our lighting designer team selected the most appropriate outdoor and indoor fixtures and created the lighting plans.

Tungsram and Luma Energy worked together in the lighting modernization project: Tungsram provided lighting designs, LED fixtures and smart bench, Tungsram’s local partner, Luma Energy, managed project and installation in both cities.  Total Investment value of the project: 500K EUR

The solution

Energy efficiency and the fixture’s integration capability for further smart applications were the main criteria by selecting from our portfolio.

We delivered in-house designed and manufactured outdoor, smart-ready LED fixtures. For road and street lighting areas we offered our flagship product, Inlumino. Provide the appropriate light distribution we customized lens and optics for the project.  Altogether 200 pieces were installed in Skradin and 233 pieces in Jarmina

In Skradin for downtown areas, where traditional look&feel was also an important requirement, we installed 100 Nobila Smart-ready LED fixtures.

Beside road and street lighting modernization with in-house Tungsram products, the local school’s indoor lighting was also upgraded with 66 sourced premium, smart-ready LED fixtures in Skradin and similarly 75 pieces in Jarmina.

Being a popular tourist center in Croatia, beside smart-ready fixtures, Skradin required further Smart elements. Tungsram delivered a 100% Hungarian-designed and developed premium solar smart bench. It is an innovative investment in public infrastructure and a cool investment for communities with built-in phone charging function and free wifi service.

The largest 8-seat Plus smart bench, in addition to the built-in phone charging features, have a real community organizing power due to their spectacular appearance and free Wi-Fi service, becoming the focal point of smart cities.  Charged exclusively by solar energy, the place of installation is flexible. The bench constantly monitors its environment: changes in temperature, UV level, air quality, humidity, air pressure – and forwards the data to the server or notifies the owner if necessary.


As a result of the project overall energy consumption is reduced by 70% per year in Skradin translating into ROI in 6 years, and respectively 50% per year in Jarmina with an estimated ROI in 6,5 years.

„Both Skradin’s municipality and citizens are pleased with the new public lighting in the city.  As you can see, the design of new LED fixtures is fit into the downtown’s traditional look and feel.  And perhaps most importantly: new public lighting also meets with environmental standards. It is eco-friendly and saves on the municipality’s budget.  We are expecting a significant reduction in energy bills.” – said Antonijo Brajković, Mayor, Skradin.

The modernization project brought uniform lighting on the roads and in downtown in both municipalities.

„We agreed with Tungsram to replace poor quality LED luminaires with quality LED fixtures.  Besides replacing non-quality LEDs, our traditional lamps were also modernized with new LEDs, in total 120.  In addition, 50 more Tungsram LED fixtures were also installed.  Through quality LED fixtures a better illumination has been achieved.” – added Andrija Draganić, Mayor, Jarmina.

Upgraded lighting on roads reduced risks of accidents, improved illumination in downtown area resulted in higher safety of citizens.

New LED fixtures installed in both Skradin and Jamina schools created upgraded, uniform lighting in the class room, corridor and lobby.  As a result, students enjoy enhanced visual comfort, new lighting improved color rendering and shading, and reduced glare and flickering.  Due to LED lights reading skills and focus of students can be improved.

The new smart bench In Skradin with wireless and USB-based charging facility attracts visitors.  With the built-in display and WiFi, any content is available with a mobile that makes the stay more interesting and help the navigation on the site.  The bench energy efficiently provides its own energy with solar panels.

Besides financial, health and safety benefits, new Tungsram lighting serves as a backbone of smart applications for both cities.  Skradin and Jamina took the first step to become their regions’ first smart city.

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